Inside Senior Living


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Melissa with Production Crew

A new documentary series about how seniors and their families deal with aging and the struggle to remain independent, which often means making a move to Senior Living.

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Inside Senior Living gets real by following families in their unique journeys to finding living options for the next stage of their lives.

Meet the Host

Melissa - Host of Inside Senior Living

Melissa Fritz is a Senior Living industry professional and the daughter of a father who had Dementia. She demystifies the process and web of confusion around choosing the right senior living solution for families in or near a crisis. Her goal is to make aging and senior living choices an everyday conversation in mainstream culture.

You Are Not Alone.

Asian loving daughter comforts upset elderly mother crying for problem

Seeking senior living options for a parent or yourself can be a sensitive (and even scary) topic. The unknowns in the search and the desires of each individual can put strain on families. Inside Senior Living is here to share all of the resources you need, in one place, and to let you know that you are not alone.