Share Your Knowledge and Stories

The PBS docu-series, Inside Senior Living is looking for people with expertise in some area of senior care to participate in on-camera interviews. These short tutorial presentations may appear on the show itself and/or the Inside Senior Living Digital Library and social media.

This is an opportunity for you and/or your organization to offer clear, concise, practical guidance to seniors and their caregivers as they navigate the challenges of this stage in a family’s life.   Your own personal journey can be part of the story.

Experts will gain valuable exposure on multiple platforms, acknowledgement on our website and the satisfaction of contributing to family well being.

We are looking for:

+Knowledgeable, credible experts in an area associated with senior living.

+Articulate, approachable and sincere delivery on camera.

+Time Commitment – 4 hours (Prep and On-location Production)

+Compensation – no remuneration for your contribution.

Expert Sample #1

Expert Sample #2

ISL has a strong commitment to providing unbiased, factual and current information regarding all aspects of senior living including health, housing, finances and communications.  We abide by strict PBS Guidelines to avoid any conflicts of interest.

We’d love to meet you and hear about your expertise!




All applicants will be added to our ISL database to receive valuable Inside Senior Living information