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From the middle-aged daughter trying to juggle her career, children, and the care of her elderly mother, to the 78 year old man with no children who just received an Alzheimer’s diagnosis – Inside Senior Living brings to light the heart-wrenching drama and decisions that have to be made when an older adult is at risk living on their own.

Featuring host Melissa Fritz, a Senior industry professional, who helps families find hope as they navigate the difficult and sometimes contentious journey of finding the right solution for their circumstances. Inside Senior Living shows how the families have emotional conversations, make tough decisions, and ultimately get past their differences to agree upon the best choice for their situation, which is revealed at the end of each episode.


In development

Episode 1: “Headed for a Fall”

Episode 2: “Not your Grandma’s Nursing Home”

Episode 3: “Finding His Own Way”

Episode 4: “When the Siblings Don’t Agree”

Episode 5: “Mom Needs Memory Care, Dad’s Overwhelmed”

Episode 6: “Proactive but Still Struggling”

Episode 7: “Single Seniors Find Their Way”

Episode 8:  “Moving Under One Roof”


Creator/Executive Producer/Host
Melissa Fritz

Executive Producer/Director
Bill Cooper

Operations Manager
Mindy Herron

Associate Producer
Briana Lee

Production Assistant
Kyle Jacub

Publicist – Newsworthy Communications
Katie Welch Len

Executive Producer
Stuart Fritz, MD

TCFF Production Services – Executive Director
Jatin Setia

Entertainment Attorney
Aaron Young, JD, LLM – Young Entertainment Law

PBS North General Manager
Patty Mester

PBS North Production Manager
Nina Fredrickson

PBS North Cinematographer/Editor
Steve Ash

PBS North Cinematographer
Lance Haavisto

PBS North Director of Marketing and Communication
Tom Jamar