“Inside Senior Living”: A Groundbreaking Docu-Series Announces Partnership with PBS North

Call for Families to Participate in New Local TV Series 

Minneapolis, MN (October 25, 2023)— “Inside Senior Living” is delighted to unveil its partnership with PBS North to produce the groundbreaking new documentary series, set to premiere on its network in 2024. This compelling series takes viewers on an intimate journey into the lives of seniors and families as they navigate the intricate landscape of aging and make vital decisions about their living arrangements.

Created and hosted by the experienced and compassionate Melissa Fritz, who draws from her personal journey in the Senior Living industry, “Inside Senior Living” transcends the traditional narrative of transitioning to senior living communities. The series immerses itself in the diverse experiences of older adults and their caregivers from all walks of life, showcasing their choices for long-term care, be it in the comfort of their homes or within senior living communities.

“Inside Senior Living” is on a mission to demystify the senior living process, illuminating real-life stories and heartfelt dialogues. It bridges the gap between information and entertainment, equipping viewers with the knowledge and optimism to confront the challenges of aging. The series underscores the values of education, inclusivity, and empathy, shedding light on various senior living options, the significance of maintaining independence, delivering quality care, fostering community engagement, and promoting holistic well-being.

At the core of this series lies Melissa Fritz’s personal odyssey, which began when her father was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s dementia. This series was conceived as an informational hub for those in similar circumstances, addressing the emotional turbulence, drama, and tough decisions that families encounter.

Melissa expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “I am thrilled that my vision has now materialized, and I am eagerly awaiting the start of production for this series with our co-production partner and Upper Midwest Emmy-Award winner, PBS North. ‘Inside Senior Living’ serves as a lifestyle brand and platform for knowledge and understanding that will resonate widely, especially among adult children.”

PBS North, an institution that has been the region’s storyteller since 1964, places its trust in the power of well-crafted narratives to engage, inspire, and enrich the lives of the communities it serves. PBS North captures the region’s history, shares national and international stories, and produces locally focused shows that reflect the essence of the community.

PBS North General Manager, Patty Mester, conveyed their excitement for the series, stating, “We believe ‘Inside Senior Living’ is the perfect addition to our station and audience. It aligns seamlessly with our mission to inspire and enrich lives for a more vibrant and connected community, and we are confident that this series will uphold our core values of integrity, excellence, and education.”

“Inside Senior Living” is poised to be a strong addition to PBS North’s programming, fostering a deeper understanding of the multifaceted experiences within the aging community. Through thought-provoking interviews, expert insights, and real-life examples, the series creates a platform for dialogue around the opportunities and challenges faced by older adults today.

Production for the eight-episode, first season of “Inside Senior Living” is scheduled to start early 2024 exclusively in Minnesota.  The shows production and film team is looking for engaging and diverse Minnesota based families who are willing to share their stories and be featured on the new series during Spring 2024.

The series initial release is slated to air on PBS North in November 2024, offering viewers a unique perspective on the journey of seniors and their families as they navigate the path of aging and senior living.

For additional information about the series or the family application process and to view the sizzle reel, please visit https://insideseniorliving.tv/.


About Inside Senor Living:

Inside Senior Living is a new lifestyle brand and tv series that shows how seniors, and their families deal with aging and the struggle to remain independent, which often means making a move to senior living. Created, co-produced and hosted by Minnesota resident, Melissa Fritz, a former senior living consultant and daughter of a dad with dementia.


About PBS North:

PBS North has been the Region’s storyteller since 1964, harnessing the power of well-told stories to provide educational and entertaining shows to the region and share the stories of the people living throughout Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. PBS North believes in the power of storytelling, offering multimedia platforms and creating programming with communities, providing opportunities to learn, connect, and engage. More at https://pbsnorth.org.


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Katie Welch Len